How To Cut Long Strips Of Bias Video

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Well, I have finished my first place mat using the disappearing “9” patch. Now, it is time to add binding. I did an internet search and found this video from Londa Rohlfing that demonstrates cutting lots of binding at the same time. I remember one of our guild members showed us this method awhile back...

Tips For Mounting Art Quilts On The Wall

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I am sure that many of you have finished your latest creation and it is an art quilt. Now, what shall I do with it – at least that is what my husband asks?? Okay how will I display it. I have used several methods without doing a lot. My favorite is using velcro –...

5 Quilting Tips | National Quilting Circle

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I have recently joined the National Quilters Circle and as I was browsing the site I found this video. As you progress in your quilting adventure I know you will have questions. Here are some tips and suggestions about 5 different things that you always wanted to know. Diane Harris teaches you five common quilting...

Inktense Portfolio

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Scrappy Binding

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I am always looking for something new and different to share. I ran across this little tutorial and tip this morning and since I am a scrap quilter I want to share it with all of you “scappers” out there. This is a great way to store scraps and also have binding ready to so....

Create A Mini Quilt Table Accent & To Add Color To Your Room…

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A hexagon may seem like a complex shape compared to triangle quilt patterns, but this Hexagon Mini Quilt Pattern is gorgeous and pretty easy to make. This is the perfect time to learn how to do “English Paper” piecing. Of course I will mention here that this is a Bonnie Hunter tutorial. The border is...

Machine Minute From Babylock – Reduce Bulk On Seams

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Do you ever look at all of those seams and wonder how can I make them not so bulky. . You can reduce bulk in your seams with this one simple trick – fan your quilt seam allowances and produce flatter, smoother quilt tops. Multiple layers can be an issue where several seams converge in...

Hand Quilting – And Why You Should HandQuilt

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I started hand quilting years ago when it was the thing to do! If you were a quilter you did hand quilting. Through the years with the new longarm quilting machines most quilters have stopped hand quilting and some of them never started. I just encourage you to take the time and explore the world...

Dresden Plates – Sunflowers Baby Quilt

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I have been a “Dresden Plate” fan for years and I am so glad they are having a comeback. I found this adorable baby quilt the other day with “Dresden Plate” flowers and with a new baby “greatgranddaughter” on the way what could be better. Let’s face it those smiling flowers make you smile. You...

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