Modern Quilting – New Guild Meets At 3Hens & A Chick Quilt Shop

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So okay I know what you are thinking. What is “Modern Quilting?” So of course I went to Google – can you believe there is answer for almost anything no everything on Google? This is what I found as a definition: “We define modern quilts as quilts that are functional, include bold colors, and are...

Definition Of A Pot Holder Or What Is A Pot Holder?

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With the internet we have answers to almost any question we can imagine right? Well, how about this one? “What is a pot holder?” Of course after searching I found more than one answer. The first one I looked at was on “Wikipedia” and here you go: A pot-holder is a piece of textile (often...

Mini Quilt Sun Bonnet Sue Wall Hanging

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Yesterday was a funny day. All of the schools were closed and we were told “snow” was on the horizon. Guess what no snow just a very cold day. But that gave me the opportunity to stay in my quilt room all day. I decided to try something new a – Mini Quilt – Wall...

National Quilters Circle Challenge – Facebook

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I am excited I have joined the challenge go check it out. Learn More Here

Facebook And All Of The Special Quilt Pages – Quilt As You Go

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Every time I look at my Facebook feed I see another quilt site. I am excited by the new interest in quilting. Quilting has been with us forever – at least in my lifetime. What is so exciting to me is that the younger generation has jumped right in and wants to learn more and...

What Do You Know About Bobbins?

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Today’s question is what do you know about bobbins? I know that is something you most likely don’t even think about – but you should! Have you ever been in the middle of sewing something and ooops the bobbin is empty. Now I know that has happened to you more than once. That little bobbin...

Tea Bag Art – National Quilter’s Circle

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Tea Bag Art now explain that!! Have you ever seen some of that great primitive art made using “tea Bag” to give it that rustic old look? Well, I just recently joined National Quilter’s Circle (I recommend you check it out) and one of there videos is about “Tea Bag Art” how to manage your...

Valentine’s Day Is Next Month….

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I am excited I have been focusing on Valentine’s Day Cards. I am working to fill up my Etsy shop with a large selection of cards. I am also making sure they can be used year around for any special occasion. Click here to visit our Etsy shop.. We have added some great kitchen items....

Visit RagTag Quilt Art Shop

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You can now visit our RagTag Quilt Art Etsy Shop right here on Daily Quilter. Check out some of our wonderful quilted Christmas and all occasion cards. The perfect gift to put in a stocking. Just Click Here

Quilted Christmas Card – What’s Under The Tree – Mini Quilt Handmade

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Check out this bright Christmas colored tree. Is a tree in your future? Send this to a friend and maybe put a gift card inside?? Enjoy!!

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