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Every time I look at my Facebook feed I see another quilt site. I am excited by the new interest in quilting. Quilting has been with us forever – at least in my lifetime. What is so exciting to me is that the younger generation has jumped right in and wants to learn more and more. I would like to talk about a page called “Quilt As You Go” today.

Quilt As You Go is a large group with 62,763 members. It is open to everyone all you need to do is press the join button and wait to be approved.

Quilt As You Go facebook Group

So for you new quilters what is quilt as you go? It is a method that you quilt each block of your quilt and then put them together one at a time. There are many ways to put the squares together and I have made a list of several of the easiest and best ways to do it. If you have any ideas please feel free to share.

Leah Day

Jerry Doan Missouri Star Quilt Company

Below is an image of quilt squares posted on Facebook by Natalie Ongley who says – thanks to your inspiration I have found a way to quilt a little each day on the train to work..


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