I always love FREE as I am sure most of you do. I stumbled on this great source for quilt eBooks at FAVEQUILTS.Com – take a few minutes and check it out you won’t be sorry. FAVEQUILTS is also a great site for block patterns and tips.

Free quilting eBooks are the ultimate resource for your quilting hobby. FAVEQUILTS offers a large selection of eBooks including collections of free quilt patterns organized around themes, such as holidays, baby quilts, quilted gifts and plenty more. You can easily download and print out each book for on-hand reference while quilting. Here are some of their most recent books. Click image to learn more. Visit FAVEQUILTS today…


How to Make a T-Shirt Quilt: 11 T-Shirt Quilts free eBook

Learn how to make a t-shirt quilt with one of the unique and budget-friendly quilting patterns in this brand new eBook, How to Make a T-Shirt Quilt: 11 T-Shirt Quilts. The free t-shirt quilt patterns and t-shirt quilt projects provided in this collection show you how to recycle old tees to create a quilt, pillow, or bag that helps you transform old tees into new projects that you will actually use. T-shirt quilts are the ultimate trash to treasure story, creating jewels from your junk tees. Quilters who are prone to bouts of nostalgia will love working with old college team shirts, vacation momentos, and more while they learn how to make a t-shirt quilt. There are free quilt patterns and projects for all skill levels in this fantastic and fun eBook. Everyone can find something to quilt!

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