How Important Is The Thread You Use?


As a quilter I have always tried to use 100% cotton thread but as we all know it comes with a higher price tag. What do we really know about thread and what are some of the brands available? We do have the plus on our side that we have the internet available to buy thread not like our mothers and grandmothers who only had the corner store.

There are many options available when selecting threads for piecing and quilting. Beautiful threads come in a rainbow of colors aren’t just pretty. Threads are the backbone of your projects, and it’s important to know what type of thread we should use for quilting and piecing.

Things To Consider:

  • If you are using a high quality quilting fabric, be sure to piece with a high quality. If you are using 100% cotton be sure you use 100% cotton thread. Your project will hold it’s shape and wear better when you use a better thread.
  • For regular machine quilting, a 40 weight thread is a good choice. Because 40 weight cotton thread is heavier than the finer 50 weight cotton thread, quilting stitches will show up better on your quilt. Even thought it is heavier than the thread you want to use for the piecing it is still thin enough to be used on your home sewing machine.
  • For hand-quilting, use an even heavier thread, such as an 100% cotton 28 weight. The threads used for hand quilting need to be able to stand the pulling and stretching when you are hand quilting.


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