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Year Of ScrappyTriangles

Yes, this is the #yearofscrappytriangles - quilters all over the world are making these great blocks. Quilters are making these block with scrappy on one side and plain on the other and then yes both sides scrappy. Would you believe almost 500 posts on Instagram with the hash tag  "#yearofscrappytriangles".

All of this beauty and madness is from Leila Gardunia - - her Instagram account link is:

I know if you stop by and see some of the great blocks you will want to make them. Enjoy!!

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Confetti Block Quilt
Well, I have finally decided on my new quilt project for the quilt show in the fall. I love these "confetti blocks" and the perfect way to highlight them with beautiful fmq embroidered flowers. I haven't decided yet if I want to highlight the flowers with Inktense color.
Beginning Flowers
I have just received my Inktense blocks and this is the first time I have used them. I free hand sketched a flower in the basic shape I wanted and then I painted it with a brush and my new blocks. Using the Inktense blocks reminds me of using water color paints or pretty close. After the flower was finished and dried I used my sewing machine to highlight and thread paint the flower. I am happy with results and ready to do more.
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Fabric has been one of my passions for most of my life. I don't remember the first time my grandmother gave me a piece of material and I made my first doll dress. As a website designer I have been building and sharing information on the internet for quite a few years. After much thought and some work I have put together an online quilting resource that I hope all of my readers will enjoy.

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