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This is a quilt with a story…

“The condition of the quilt was very good, considering it was 89 years old,” she said. “I knew this was a true treasure….It shows that these people wanted to be known for the efforts they were putting into this…from a family-history point of view, any descendants that are living today would probably love to see their ancestor’s name on the quilt.”
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Participants in programs at the J.D. Lewis Senior Center are repairing an 89-year-old quilt.

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Just last year the ladies of Athens Alabama gathered together and made a quilt similar to this 89 year old quilt to raise money for the Athens Alabama Veterans Museum.

“It was the largest single fundraiser the museum has ever had with our unveiling of the “Threads of Honor” quilt. We cannot thank Marlene and Wes Isom enough for honoring the museum. We would also like to thank the ladies who were instrumental in putting the quilt together. The design for this quilt by Chuck and Dianne Craig was based on the original 1919 quilt per Marlene’s request. All of the names were hand written and hand embroidered by the following women: Snow Howard, Skipper Carter Breeding, Joy Bailey Brewer, Lou Ann Green Schrimsher, Sharon Swann Griffis, Yvonne Hebert Dempsey, Gertrude Young, Jean Moore, Heather Currah Miller, Patsy Abernathy, JoAnne Miller, Brenda Miller, Mary Alice Blizzard, Bailey Isom, and Marlene Isom. There are 656 names on the quilt and a total of $40,260 was raised for the museum.
Athens Veterans” Museum Quilt


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